Technology Videos

Computed Tomography (CT) of Cast Fan Housing

Electronics Card Digital X-ray View With Magnification

This image shows the ability of our Microfocus x-ray unit to display the finite detail that is required to find flaws in microscopic hardware pieces. The small wires are one (1) micron in diameter.

Bullet Riddled Kevlar Helmet 3-D Rotated X-ray

This video shows the 3-D layered x-ray view of a kevlar helmet that has been shot with bullets.

Asthma Inhaler 3-D Rotated X-ray

CT Image of Flood Light

CT Image of Light Bulb

Gauss Probe DR View With Magnification

Magnification capabilities exceed 2000X as demonstrated with the detailed inner components of the Gauss Probe.

Computed Tomography (CT) of Cast Nose Housing

Robotic X-ray

This video shows how our robotic x-ray system can acquire images with a great deal of accuracy and magnification.

CT Image of Camera

CT Image of Alligator Head

CT Image of Power Source

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