A Full Service NDT Provider

Cutting edge technlogy equipment. Exceptionally trained inspection personnel

MQC Labs is a privately held, US owned, small business and has provided nondestructive testing services for 40 years.

We offer cutting edge equipment, and a staff of exceptionally trained inspection personnel.  Our automated digital radiography (DR), computed tomography (CT) and computed radiography (CR) capabilities allow us to provide the most cost efficient examinations in the business.


Automated digital x-ray is our specialty.  Micro or mini-focus x-ray allows the use of geometric enlargement which can greatly enhance image quality.  Conventional film, digital radiography (DR) panels and computed radiography (CR) imaging plates are available for image capture.

X-Ray and gamma radiography. We can bring the service to your location, develop film, and provide immediate results on any type of system or article requiring radiography.

Penetrant is useful for detecting flaws open to the surface, and is the most sensitive inspection method for surface flaws. Visible and fluorescent penetrant can be used depending on specification requirements.

Automated Through Transmission & Pulse Echo (modified immersion) testing can be performed in our shop on most flat or cylindrical product.

Visual testing (VT-CWI) is one of the oldest and most widely used NDE methods to derive a multitude of useful information from a variety of material characteristics and properties.

This method is useful for detection of surface and shallow subsurface flaws. A magnetic field is induced in the test object and a finely divided ferromagnetic particle powder or slurry is applied while the part is magnetized.

GPR is typically used for concrete slab, and deck inspection to locate internal objects, such as post-tension cables, and conduit in order to avoid damage when penetrations are made.