Industrial ultrasonics (UT) is essentially the same method that is used in medical applications.  Applications include:  weld inspection, material thickness determination, evaluation of raw materials prior to machining to ensure soundness, and monitoring components for possible cracking.  It is capable of detecting very minute flaws.


Modified Immersion

Modified Immersion testing is completed with squirters where the sound travels through a jet of water, or by taking the transducer and test object and immersing them in a tank of water.

Manual Pulse Echo Ultrasonics

Ultrasonic testing is carried out for evaluating the internal soundness of many engineering products made of steels and other metals and nonmetals processed through casting, forging, rolling, extrusion, drawing and other modern processing techniques. Ultrasonic inspection is also extensively used for evaluating the quality of welds, in-service inspection of critical process equipment, storage tanks, cross country pipelines, pressure vessels and assemblies