MQC understands that successful and dependable application of NDT techniques relies heavily on personnel training, experience and integrity. Our professional consultants bring expertise and specialized skills to each project in a timely and professional manner. We are project oriented and committed to solving problems quickly and efficiently.

Each client is unique and our services are customized to the specific requirements of each organization to ensure all NDT techniques operate in compliance with established standards.

Level III History

The American Society for Nondestructive Testing, Inc. (ASNT) is the world’s largest technical society for nondestructive testing (NDT) professionals. ASNT initiated its NDT Level III program in 1976 with certifications in five NDT methods. Over the years, ASNT has certified over 5,000 individuals from more than 50 countries as ASNT NDT Level III and has expanded the certification program to include 11 NDT methods. ASNT is the single largest certifying body of Level III personnel today and the ASNT NDT Level III certificate remains the most respected and widely accepted NDT certification throughout the world.

Level III Radiography

Radiography is carried out using X-rays or Gamma rays. Radiographic testing (RT) is one of the most reliable and widely used NDT methods. RT works on the principles of differential absorption of radiation and is used to detect internal flaws in castings and welds. An additional advantage with radiography is the availability of a permanent record for future reference. MQC Labs has experienced Level I,II,III professionals to carry out the tests and interpretations accurately.

  • Technical Procedure Development
  • NDT Process Implementation
  • Radiation Safety Support

Level III Ultrasonics

Ultrasonic testing (UT) is carried out for evaluating the internal soundness of many engineering products made of steels and other metals and nonmetals processed through casting, forging, rolling, extrusion, drawing and other modern processing techniques. Ultrasonic inspection is also extensively being used for evaluating the quality of welds, in-service inspection of critical process equipment, storage tanks, cross country pipelines, pressure vessels and assemblies. MQC Labs is fully equipped with calibrated, latest DGS ultrasonic equipment, certified and experienced Level I, II technicians, and ASNT NDT Level III experts to carry out these tests and other related services within the shortest possible response time.

Level III Liquid Penetrant

Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT) also called dye penetrant testing (DPT) is widely used for detecting surface opened flaws in critical engineering components, weldments and structures. MQC Labs has experienced certified inspectors and technicians for carrying out these tests effectively, and ASNT NDT Level III for establishing techniques and preparing procedures. The material testing laboratory is equipped to facilitate inspections especially suitable for aerospace, nuclear, automobile and other critical components inspection with established and qualified procedures.

  • Compliance Audit Preparation
  • Employee Certification
  • NDT Engineering

Level III Magnetic Particle

Magnetic particle testing (MT) also called magnetic crack detection, magnetic particle inspection (MPI) is one of the most effective methods for finding both surface and subsurface or near surface flaws in ferrous materials at various stages of manufacturing. MQC Labs experienced teams have highly skilled professional inspectors, modern stationary, and portable equipment suitable for high productivity inspections and field tests. NDT Level III experts are also available to provide consultation, technique establishment, procedure preparation and related services.

Level III Visual Inspection

Visual testing (VT) is one of the oldest and most widely used NDE methods to derive a multitude of useful information from a variety of material characteristics and properties. Visual examination is used in all stages of manufacturing and fabrication as a means of verifying conformance to standards and ensuring the quality levels are met and maintained in the final product. A great deal of specialized equipment, certified inspectors as per ASNT recommended practice SNT-TC-1A, and NDT Level III exists for this purpose and can provide ASME ‘U’ stamp consultation on NDT.

  • Process Control Documentation
  • Process Auditing