Visual Inspection

Visual testing (VT) is one of the oldest and most widely used NDE methods used to derive a multitude of information from a variety of material characteristics and properties. Visual Examination is used in all stages of manufacturing and fabrication as a means of verifying conformance to standards and ensuring the quality levels are met and maintained in the final project.



MQC Labs visual inspections or visual examination of objects, parts or components, is the oldest and most  reliable non-destructive testing method. The test method is applied to almost every product as a quality assurance tool. A visual inspection of a weld joint prior to welding to verify the weld joint design tolerances are being met is the best means of insuring a sound weld. Sloppy weld joint alignment is a primary cause of poor weld quality.  Certified weld inspection (CWI) can successfully detect these unacceptable surface discontinuities without applying expensive test methods.